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Company Milestones

The New Chapter


  • 25 and 26 April: The Company and Kiatnakin Bank , respectively, obtain approval for the merger plan from their shareholders at their respective annual general meetings.
  • 13 September: Kiatnakin Bank and the Company successfully complete their merger.
  • 25 September: The Company shares were delisted from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), according to the merger plan.


  • 5 January: The Company shares are listed on the SET in place of Phatra Securities shares, which were delisted the day before, pursuant to the restructuring plan.
  • 9 December: The Phatra Capital Board of Directors votes to sign a memorandum of agreement with Kiatnakin Bank and shareholders of the two companies to merge Phatra Capital and Kiatnakin Bank in order to jointly operate their respective financial businesses, including commercial banking, securities and other supporting businesses


  • 22 April: The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Phatra Securities approves the business restructuring plan, including the form of a holding company, the disposal of the Direct Investment Group’s portfolio, the listing of the Company’s shares on the SET in place of Phatra Securities shares and the delisting of Phatra Securities’ shares from the SET.
  • 29 December: Phatra Securities transfers all securities under the Direct Investment Group to the Company pursuant to the restructuring plan.


  • In August, an additional equity-settlement alternative is offered through money-market funds to maximize clients’ returns, and Phatra Securities starts to act as a participant dealer and market maker for equity exchange-traded funds on the SET Energy Sector Index.
  • In November, mutual-fund trading via telephone is offered, and Phatra Securities expands its securities borrowing and lending business to retail clients who are able to short sell on cash accounts.


  • 29 October: A second service for the Thailand Futures Exchange (“TFEX”)starts, as Phatra Securities becomes an agent for SET50 Index Options.
  • By the close of 2007, the assets under advisory from high-net-worth clients have increased to Bt89,583 million from Bt69,638 million at the end of 2006.


  • 28 April: Phatra Securities begins operating as an agent in the futures exchange market.
  • 9 August: A securities borrowing and lending business is started.
  • 9 October: Phatra Securities introduces an Internet-based futures trading service.


  • 28 February: Phatra Securities Company Limited becomes a public company.
  • 31 May: Phatra Securities shares are listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand under the symbol “PHATRA.”
  • 14 October: SEC approval is secured to operate as an agent in the futures exchange market.
  • 7 November: Internet Trading Services are officially launched.


  • In July, Merrill Lynch and KASIKORNBANK agree to sell their combined 100% stake in Merrill Lynch Phatra Securities to the current management, employees and selected investors.
  • 1 December: Merrill Lynch Phatra Securities Company Limited changes its name back to Phatra Securities Company Limited. Phatra Securities and Merrill Lynch maintain a close alliance through several formal business-service agreements, giving Merrill Lynch an opportunity to retain full exposure to the Thai market. The agreements also provide Phatra Securities with more flexibility to expand its domestic strategies and continue to access Merrill Lynch’s global network, expertise and resources.


  • Merrill Lynch Phatra Securities sells its asset-management business to KASIKORN Asset Management Company Limited, freeing the company to focus on three key businesses: securities trading, investment banking and private-client services.


  • Phatra Thanakit Finance Public Company Limited divests 51% of its shares in Phatra Securities to Merrill Lynch, one of the world’s leading financial management and advisory companies, and 49% of its shares to KASIKORNBANK.
  • Phatra Securities Company Limited changes its name to Merrill Lynch Phatra Securities Company Limited.
The Beginning


  • Thai Farmers Bank, now known as KASIKORNBANK, boosts its stake in Phatra Thanakit Finance and Securities Public Company Limited (“Phatra Thanakit”) to 49.61% from 8.16%. Registered capital climbs to B t5,142 million.
  • Phatra Thanakit splits its finance and securities businesses into two separate firms. The new securities firm – comprising securities, corporate finance and asset management – is named Phatra Securities Company Limited with registered capital of Bt2,500 million; it is 99.99% owned by Phatra Thanakit Finance and Securities Public Company Limited.


  • Following the amicable end of its business relationship with SG Warburg, Phatra Thanakit enters into a business partnership in corporate finance with Goldman Sachs.


  • Registered capital jumps fivefold to Bt2,852 million, and the head office moves to its present location at Muang Thai-Phatra Office Tower on Ratchadaphisek Road from Sukhumvit Road.


  • Phatra Thanakit’s registered capital is raised to Bt560 million, with convertible debentures worth Bt14 million sold to foreign investors.


  • A business agreement is entered into with SG Warburg to share resources in securities trading and research. Seven more provincial offices are opened: in Pattaya, Surat Thani, Rayong, Samut Sakorn, Phuket, Sri Racha and Saraburi.


  • The continued growth of capital to Bt500 million aids in the expansion of Phatra Thanakit’s securities-trading services, via satellite, to provincial offices in Chonburi, Chantaburi and Udon Thani.


  • The investment banking and research departments, formerly known as Phatra Research Institute are established.


  • Phatra Thanakit is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Its registered capital increases to Bt180 million in line with an upgrade of the company’s credit quality and the need to expand investment -banking services.


  • Registered capital increases to Bt120 million in order to upgrade Company’s computer systems. The upgrade will support operations in hire-purchase, provident funds and financial management, as well as enhance its information-management systems and database.


  • Phatra Thanakit undergoes major changes, including a rebranding to Phatra Thanakit Finance and Securities Co., Ltd. Its office is moved to the larger Phatra Thanakit Building on Sukhumvit Road from the Muang Thai Life Assurance Building on Charoen Krung Road. Registered capital reaches Bt90 million.


  • The securities business is introduced, adding to the existing finance business.


  • Phatra Thanakit is admitted as the sixth member of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The company begins to offer financial services to residential and commercial real-estate projects.


  • Registered capital is raised to Bt40 million. Business concentrates mainly on taking deposits and the issue of short-term credit.


  • 9 February: Phatra Thanakit is incorporated with registered capital of Bt1 million. Operations commence on 29 March.