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Investment & Trading : Equity and Derivatives Trading

Equity and Derivatives Trading Department (EDT) is one of proprietary trading units of Phatra Securities. EDT trades actively in a wide range of asset classes, in both domestic and international markets, including stocks, futures and options. We also specialize in Structured Products and Derivative Warrants as well as acting as a market maker for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Proprietary Trading

The primary business of Proprietary Trading involves various trading strategies such as statistical arbitrage, pair trading and volatility trading. EDT seeks to identify and takes opportunities in the stock market by integrating technology, risk management and complex trading models under controlled risks. Nevertheless, Phatra Securities has put emphasis on conflicts of interest issue, especially about using internal information, to ensure that there is a level playing field between EDT and our clients.

Financial Product & Services

Derivative Warrant

Phatra Derivative Warrants (issuer code: 06) are offered to investors seeking exposure in derivatives in order to leverage on short term price movements of underlyings. The derivative warrants market in Thailand have proved highly popular due to their leverage and liquidity.

For more details, please visit www.phatrawarrant.com

Structured Note

Structured Note is a short-term note which its return linked to equity performance. Currently, we offer Structured Note to high networth and institutional clients who not only want to invest in a debt instrument but also seek an opportunity to enhance return from the equity directional movement. Apart from yield enhancement type of Structured Note, we also offer a principal guaranteed type which clients are guaranteed to receive the agreed amount of principal back at maturity with opportunity to gain an extra return depending on predefined equity performance.


Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges. ETF generally provides easy diversification, low expense ratios and tax efficiency of index funds while investors still enjoy all the features of common stock such as limit orders and short selling. Most ETFs are index funds that hold securities and attempt to replicate the performance of a benchmark index. Phatra is currently a participant dealer and market maker for ENGY, an ETF that tracks the performance of SETENERGY Index, and CHINA that benchmarks with chinese CSI 300 Index.

Nopadon Nimmanpipak
Assistant Managing Director and Head of Equity and Derivatives Trading Department

Nattavadee Eiamsiri-areerut