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Private Client : Phatra Direct

With over 30 years of experience in servicing institutional and high net worth investors, we know exactly what really counts to make successful investments. We have extended our expertise to a wider clientele through our new online platform, PhatraDirect. Instead of having to visit multiple websites to gather information that is critical to your investment decision, PhatraDirect brings it all to you under a single platform.

PhatraDirect was developed from the ground up to be the most informative investment portal. We designed several tools and features to help you take control of your investment and spot any opportunities that might pass the eyes of other investors. The following are notable tools and features of PhatraDirect.
Stock Trading

Research Center – Fundamentally informed

In the world of investment nothing is more important than knowing exactly what you're up to. That's why we always believe in fundamentally-driven investment. PhatraDirect offers access to Phatra's award-winning research, formally available to only institutional and high net worth investors. Our research team boasts the industry's best minds and has comprehensive coverage on individual stocks, sectors, economics, and even politics.

News Center – Get news as it breaks

We realize that sometimes breaking news can move the market. As a PhatraDirect client, apart from regular SET news, you'll have access to real-time news stories provided by InfoQuest. In addition, our News Center archives news stories for as long as six months, allowing you to search through relevant stories on stocks or topics of your interest.

Market Insight – Keeping you abreast of today’s market

Fast and reliable information is important in making investment decisions. Through Market Insight, you'll have access to all the information you need on today's market. Included in Market Insight are market wraps and market highlights, today's news and research, major economic and stock events, insider transactions, NVDR highlights, etc., all in a timely and effective manner.

Research Tools

If you like to come up with your own stock ideas, we have the right tools for you.
  • Research a Stock lets you do comprehensive research on stocks of your interest. You'll get everything you need to know about a stock ranging from basic information such as company profile, major shareholders or financial statements, to more high-level information such as analyst consensus and insider transactions.
  • Stock Screener is a tool that allows you to find stocks based on a variety of criteria such as P/E, P/BV, ROE, dividend yield, etc. Whether you like dividend stocks, value stocks, or growth stocks, Stock Screener can help you crystallize your investment ideas by narrowing down stocks in the SET to a set of stocks that meet your own investment criteria.
  • Event Calendar keeps you informed of important events that might affect your investment. It includes an Economics Calendar which catalogs notable events such as GDP announcements or Bank of Thailand Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meetings, and a Stock Calendar which lists corporate actions on all listed companies. With Event Calendar, you'll never miss any significant events.

Technical Charts – Access to professional charting tools

Whether you are an active trader trying to time the market or a long-term investor seeking a suitable point to accumulate a position, you'll find our Advanced Charting helpful. Our Advanced Charting features professional charting tools with an easy-to-use user interface, making your charting experience both productive and entertaining.

My Portfolio – Track and analyze your investments

My Portfolio is a good place to visit before you start thinking of an investment idea. It allows you to monitor your current portfolio and analyze asset allocation, providing insightful information critical for your next investment decision.

Mutual Funds Trading

PhatraDirect makes fund investment easy, and easy to fit your investment objective. With over 1,000 mutual funds available in the portal, you can start looking for opportunities with our tools including fund searching, fund performance, and fund comparison, fund X-Ray to explore your investment choices.

Derivatives Trading

Derivatives are essential for investment as they hedge against risk and also offer an opportunity to profit from the rise and fall of the market. We offer a full range of TFEX products and services, including SET50 Futures and Options, Single Stock Futures, Gold Futures, Oil futures and more./
Phatra Global Investing

Phatra Global Investing offers access to over 8,000 stocks with market capitalization of more than USD25 trillion from world's major exchanges in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore. This presents a world of investment opportunities and effective diversification for your portfolio, all with the benefits of online accessibility and speed. Investors also benefit from having access to Bank of America - Merrill Lynch's global research to support investment analysis for better informed decision.
For more details, please visit www.phatradirect.com