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Private Client : Private Wealth Management


Phatra Securities offers expertise in wealth management services to help clients grow, manage and protect their wealth. We understand that each client has a unique investment goal and, thus, consider every aspect of a client's financial circumstance to provide customized wealth management solutions.

As a full-service firm, we create value for clients by drawing on the insights and resources across our investment banking franchise, allowing our clients to receive unbiased-investment advice across multiple asset classes – ranging from fixed income to equities and from domestic to foreign investments.

Our wealth management services are designed for high net worth individuals who have investable assets of Bt30 million or more.
Our Approach

As an investor, you can get a traditional service from a bank or a broker which offers service coverage on deposits, mutual funds, stocks or insurances. With a certain size of portfolio, you also get priority banking with some special benefits and privileges. Nevertheless, with Phatra private wealth management service, every detail of your needs and preferences will be customized to your investment plan running with a disciplined asset allocation approach to pursue your long-term goals. More importantly, you will get access to a wide variety of products from our open-architecture platform while our financial consultant will provide you with unbiased recommendations.

Depends on your preference to manage your investment portfolio, you can choose either to control each investment decision by yourself (non-discretionary service) or to allow the fund manager to perform day-to-day investment decisions for you (discretionary service).
  • A non-discretionary service will allow you to work closely with your financial consultant in order to define your investment plan and customize asset allocation portfolio. Based on your financial consultant's recommendations, you make all of the decisions. On a regular basis, your financial consultant will monitor your portfolio performance and discuss with you on rebalancing strategy.
  • A discretionary service (also known as Private fund) will offer you a peace of mind while your fund manager works on every detail and makes decisions for you based on your requirements. This is ideal if you do not have time or resources to commit to researching and monitoring the financial markets yourself.
Product Range

To achieve effective diversification, Phatra Wealth provides you with a wide range of products and services giving you access to a comprehensive range of financial instruments including local and foreign investments.

  • Stocks: Stocks are an important part of any investment portfolio and should be considered by investors seeking to pursue long-term objectives. With high risk characteristics, stocks usually generate higher long-term return in the term of capital gain and dividend.
  • Derivatives: Derivatives can be used either to manage your portfolio risk or to leverage your investment. Apart from investing in the market upturn, investors can also implement short-selling strategy during the market downturn. The investment performance depends on the underlying asset. For more details, please visit wealthmanagement.kkpfg.com/product/index
  • Bonds: Bonds are considered relatively low risk as the principle and interest are committed by the issuer. Nevertheless, investors must consider some associated risks including credit risk of the issuer, liquidity risk or interest rate risk.
  • Mutual funds: Individual investors usually find investing in mutual funds is more convenient and efficient than investing in various securities separately. Investors will get access to some restricted assets, professional expertise from the fund manager, diversification benefit, convenience as well as tax benefits.
  • Structured products: Structured products have long been used by institutional investors. Today, they are becoming increasingly popular among individual investors seeking to fill the gap of specific needs. You can discuss with your financial consultant to customize products, such as equity-linked note (ELN) or principle-protected note (PPN), which could serve your needs.
  • Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL): Securities Borrowing and Lending is one of Phatra's services encouraging greater efficiency of investment. The service helps generate potential revenue for both lenders and borrowers. Lenders will receive lending fees while borrowers can earn profit from short selling in market downtrend. For more details, please visit Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL)
  • Lombard Loan: Lombard loan is a multi-purposed revolving loan using financial assets as collateral. Lombard loan can enhance financial liquidity to satisfy any of your investment or spending without selling your existing financial assets. In addition, the collateral can be bought or sold under specified conditions; therefore, your financial assets can be leveraged without losing any potential gain or benefits.
  • Portfolio for Property Financing (PPF): Portfolio for Property Financing can fulfill your real-estate financing needs to achieve your long-term investment return per capital by leveraging and the targeted real-estate your existing financial portfolio as collateral. Moreover, you can leverage your existing real estate investments and gain extra liquidity to enhance your investment opportunity.

"The information contained in this website is provided for information purpose only, and should not be regarded as professional or legal advice or should not be referenced on any matter. Phatra Securities is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of this information."

Client Benefit

Independent Product Megastore A wide variety or products with unbiased recommendations for your best selection from one stop investment service.
Professional Investment Approach Customized investment plan with Asset Allocation approach for you disciplined portfolio management.
Trustworthy Investment Strategy World-class investment researches and strategies in partnership with
for your investment idea and well-informed actions.
Innovative and Customized Service International-standard services to provide you convenience on every step such as mutual fund phone sale, money market for equity settlement or consolidated statement.
How to get start

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