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Asset Management : Private Fund

Phatra private fund investment management service is provided by a group of skilled investment professionals equipped with all the necessary tools and resources to serve you. Our private fund team will take care of all the day-to-day decisions, investment administration, and will keep you fully informed.


We aim to deliver consistent investment performance that meets your investment objective. We strive to maintain the highest level of professional ethics and business integrity. We are dedicated to build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, integrity, and respect.


Our Approach

Our investment approach is fundamentally-driven, supported by in-house research team who focuses on generating unbiased investment ideas that are not constrained by market capitalization of investment securities or short-term market sentiment.


Our disciplined investment process adopts a "flexible style" as we believe that neither growth nor value style will dominate returns of the other over time. Economic and market cycle will determine when one or the other is in favor. The team will exploit both top-down and bottom-up investment approach during the investment selection process.


Investment actions are propelled by detailed analysis of the following three key drivers: fundamental progress—how the company's future fundamentals look like, valuations—whether the stock prices are fairly-, under-, or over valued, and management revisions—assessing potential impact and achievability of the current company's guidance together with general market expectations.


Phatra Securities's dedicated team of portfolio managers will work with you to construct and implement an asset allocation strategy that will help you achieve your goal. The asset mix is regularly monitored and reviewed taking into account the changing market environments.



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