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The research group provides macroeconomic and equity analysis as well as investment advice regarding SET-listed securities to all of the Company's and BofA Securities’s clients. Phatra research has 10 analysts covering 56 companies, with an aggregate market value comprising more than 70% of the market capitalization of the SET, as well as providing strategic investment, economic and industry research.

Our research group has a research co-operation agreement with BofA Securities. Under an exclusive agreement, Phatra Securities’ analysts produce research on the Thai economy and politics, as well as SET-listed securities that are distributed under the brand name for the use of the BofA Securities's global clients. Domestically, Thai investors receive the same research under the Phatra Securities brand name. Other than research jointly produced with BofA Securities, Phatra Securities also produces its own research on smaller and medium-size SET-listed securities to principally satisfy the needs of local clients.

Under strict codes of conduct and compliance, our Research continues to maintain its internationally recognized reputation for providing clients with independent research that has won numerous international awards for excellence.

Team Members

Name Position Email Annotation
Mr.Therapong Vachirapong Head of Research Group and Acting Head of Equity Research Department therapong.vach@kkpfg.com BBL, KTB, SCB, KBANK, TCAP, TISCO, TMB
Mr.Supavud Saicheua Advisor of Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group supavud.saic@kkpfg.com -
Ms.Thanomsri Fongarunrung Senior Economist thanomsri.fong@kkpfg.com -
Mr.Komsun Suksumrun Energy & Utilities, Petrochemicals Analyst komsun.suks@kkpfg.com IRPC, BANPU, BCP, PTT, PTTEP, SPRC, TOP, BCPG, IVL, PTTGC, VNT, GGC
Mrs.Jiraporn Linmaneechote Construction Materials, Property Analyst jiraporn.linm@kkpfg.com SCC, SCCC, AP, CPN, LH, LPN, PSH, QH, SPALI, SIRI, ANAN, SC
Mr.Thitithep Nophaket Foods & Beverages, Information & Communication Technology, Media and Publishing Analyst thitithep.noph@kkpfg.com THBEV, OISHI, ADVANC, DTAC, INTUCH, TRUE, DIF, JAS, BEC, MAJOR, WORK
Mr.Sirichai Chalokepunrat Commerce, Construction Materials, Energy & Utilities, Property fund & REIT Analyst sirichai.chal@kkpfg.com CPALL, GLOBAL, HMPRO, ROBINS, BJC, EPG, EGCO, GLOW, RATCH, BGRIM, TLGF
Mr.Charti Phrawphraikul Agribusiness, Commerce, Food & Beverages, Healthcare services, Tourism & Leisure, Transportation & Logistics Analyst charti.phra@kkpfg.com GFPT, TWPC, MEGA, CPF, M, TU, MINT, TVO, TFG, BH, BDMS, BCH, CHG, CENTEL, ERW, AOT
Ms.Pontip Kangvanpanich Food & Beverages, construction Services Analyst pontip.kang@kkpfg.com CBG, MALEE, TIPCO, CK, ITD, STEC, STPI, TTCL, UNIQ
Mr.Nathapol Pongsukcharoenkul Finance and Securities Analyst nathapol.pong@kkpfg.com KTC, SAWAD, MTLS, AEONTS, THANI